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At Lakeshore Renewal, Todd J. Adams, MD, MPH, FACOG, James G. Zolzer, MD, FACOG and Melissa Ranallo, PA-C, specialize in aesthetic treatments and serve residents in Lake Norman, Davidson, Mooresville and the Huntersville areas of North Carolina. The practice provides various laser services, including tattoo removal.
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Tattoo Removal Q & A



What method does Lakeshore Renewal use to remove tattoos?

The safest and most efficient method to remove tattoos is with light emitting lasers. Lakeshore Renewal has invested in the most advanced and innovative laser tattoo removal system on the market, Cutera's Enlighten®. This state-of-the-art system offers the most sophisticated technology in tattoo removal. The Enlighten features two ground-breaking advantages over other, older laser systems. The first is that it is significantly more powerful, emitting shorter faster pulses to remove tattoos nearly 50 percent faster than previous tattoo removal lasers. Secondly, the Enlighten offers three different laser wavelengths in a single device, so it can remove many different ink colors. Different laser wavelengths are needed to remove different colors of tattoo ink; some ink colors absorb better at certain wavelengths than others. The Enlighten can even remove reds, blues, and greens that previous generation lasers could not.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal is the only removal method that does not entail the risk of scarring. When directed at a tattoo, the laser fires pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the tattoo’s ink particles. This causes the ink particles to immediately break apart into tiny fragments while surrounding skin remains untouched. In the following days and weeks, the body naturally flushes away these fragments, causing the tattoo to fade. Tattoos must be at least six months old before they can be removed. That is because the initial inflammatory response caused by getting a tattoo must have stopped first. Otherwise, the laser removal procedure will make it worse.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

There will be some discomfort. The extent depends on each person’s sensitivity and the size and age of the tattoo, along with the color of inks used. A topical and local anesthetic can be applied ahead of time to numb the treatment area.

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