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James G. Zolzer, MD, FACOG,Todd J. Adams, MD, MPH, FACOG and Melissa Ranallo, PA-C at Lakeshore Renewal offer many state-of-the-art aesthetic procedures, including TruSculpt®, and other body contouring options. The practice serves the residents of Davidson, Huntersville, Lake Norman and Mooresville, North Carolina.
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truSculpt Q & A


What is TruSculpt®?

TruSculpt is a body contouring technique that uses radio frequency (RF) to reduce fat deposits and finely contour select areas of the body. It is not a surgical procedure and is completely non-invasive. The RF waves are used to emulsify fat deposits in areas of the body that are hard to reach with other procedures. These areas include the buttocks, abdomen, under the chin, flanks and thighs. TruSculpt is a great solution for patients who are unable to naturally reduce fat in stubborn parts of the body that are unaffected by targeted exercises. The inside of the thighs and over the hips are just two of the most common areas where TruSculpt can offer significant benefits. The use of RF waves has been proven effective at sculpting and contouring the body, eliminating unsightly bulges and cellulite.

Does the procedure have side effects?

The TruSculpt procedure offers substantial benefits with minimal side effects. The procedure is non-invasive and carries almost no risk of infection. RF technology uses radio frequency energy "broadcast" into the fat layer to eliminate unwanted fat cells. While the surface of the skin is not broken, the tissues just beneath the surface of the skin are affected by the procedure. RF produces heat which can irritate the tissues. Immediately after the procedure, patients may experience tenderness in the area treated. The area may appear to be slightly bruised or red and mildly irritated. These side effects are quite common and will only last for a few days. If the pain and discomfort persists or becomes worse, a physician should be notified immediately.

Who is a good candidate for the TruSculpt procedure?

The ideal candidate for a TruSculpt body contouring procedure is an individual who is a healthy weight but looking to contour the body, fine-tuning areas that are difficult to address through diet and exercise.The goal of a body contouring procedure is to eliminate stubborn fat deposits, that often occur inside of the thighs, and on the flanks, abdomen, under the chin, and buttocks.

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